Monday, April 16, 2012

Dallas Quilt Show

I really need to figure out how to "blog on the go". It seems that I am never at the computer anymore since I do just about everything on my iPhone. It just so happens that today I am sick and my normal routine is replaced with sit down activities. I do miss reading blogs and keeping up to date with the latest news. Even with a blog reader app, I am not spending much time seeing what everyone is up to.

Here are a few pictures of my favorites from the Dallas Quilt Show. There were so many fabulous quilts and I took loads of pictures to enjoy later and gain inspiration from.

This first one was created by Sue Maze. I just fell in love with it and how striking it is with the contrasting colors.

This one had to be one of the most unique quilts in the show and modern in such a way that you could use a QR reader to see a message. Emanda Johnson sent this message along with Tulips to her fiance. If you have a QR reader, just hover over the picture and in about a minute, it will show you the message. What a clever quilt this was and fun for the audience!

The mini quilt auction at the show was so fun. Why am I surprised that quilter's are so creative? There were so many fabulous mini quilts to bid on. One of my favorites was a silhouette design. It is simple but so elegant. This would be such a fun way to capture a special memory that you have with a childhood friend.

The best of show was breath-taking to say the least. What wonderful workmanship Linda Roy has put into this beauty. It is named Redbud Ramble. Photographing it was extremely difficult at the time because there was a large crowd around. You can look it up on the Quilter's Guild of Dallas gallery page.

I must include our Allen Quilters' Guild entry as well. There was a committee of about 7 who planned and created this quilt. The planning was really the hardest part since it is very difficult to make decisions. I think we planned it right since we received a blue ribbon from the quilt show!

There were so many beautiful quilts at the show and you can look the winners up on the Dallas Quilter's Guild website. Lots of inspiration!

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Melissa said...

Some wonderful quilts! I missed the show this year - you know I don't quilt, but I like to take Mama to keep her inspired! LOL Hope you're feeling better.