Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cookie Exchange and Kelleigh Bread

My friend hosted a mother/daughter cookie exchange just before Christmas. We were to bring 7 dozen cookies, six for exchanging and one dozen to share while we were there. I made the candy covered oreos which are so easy to do but a bit time consuming because you have to let them harden. And since you use a mold, you can't make them all at once. I just love how they turn out and it makes me look like I know how to bake.

We make Banana Bread quite often and we actually call it Kelleigh Bread. Grandma Brill renamed it because Kelleigh loved it so much when she was little. Every time she went to Camp Grandma's she would ask for Grandma's special bread. I found a recipe that I really like because it is so simple. My husband offered to help me one day when I was having friends over so I put him in charge of the Banana Bread. He added a secret ingredient and it made all the difference in the texture and taste of the bread. Now he is in charge of making Kelleigh Bread. It turns out perfect and slices very nicely.

My friend Ellyn and I made candy sleighs for a few friends. I decided since they were so cute that my girls were going to give them out as gifts. At first they were not too sure but then once they saw them, it was all good. They were super easy to make and using a little hot glue was the trick needed to keep them together.

Here are some other fun cookie pictures from the exchange...

This cold and rainy day makes me want to stay home and bake. I had already planned to hit a couple of craft stores and the book store so I am sticking to my schedule.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bonnie Hunter

Earlier this month Bonnie Hunter spoke at the Garland Quilt Guild after she taught classes at Fabric Fanatics. She is an awesome speaker with lots of energy and wit. She had such wonderful tips to share and really made me realize how spoiled we are with our stashes. There is so much we can use and we don't utilize our scraps enough.

A couple of the girls in one of my small sewing groups took her classes and here is what Sarah completed. Isn't it fun?

Here is Bonnie's version. The venue was not that great...seating was tight and lighting was dark so the pictures are poor quality but you can see them on her website which is Quiltville.com.

Here are a few more of her lovely quilts.

Bonnie was such a huge success that I heard she is coming back next year to our same area. You can check with Fabric Fanatics about classes and there is a possibility she will be visiting other quilt stores in the area. Yeah!! Can't wait to here her speak again!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am so proud of Kelleigh for designing another quilt and getting it done. She is entering it in a quilt show in Oklahoma. She has joined her own guild in Stillwater, OK while she attends OSU. These ladies have been so sweet to Kelleigh and she looks forward to her meeting each month. I think she did great on her design.

During the holidays I was determined to get my quilting machine set up to its largest setting. It is right in the living room but there is no other place to put it. Kelleigh was enjoying playing on it and she insisted Skyler give it a try. Well, he actually did really well and seemed to enjoy it.

All three girls happened to be hanging around when I was taking pictures so I tried to get a decent shot. It did not happen but this one isn't too bad. They were so silly that day that they could not stop laughing long enough for a picture. I tried!!

After Kelleigh left to go back to school, Skyler stuck around for a bit. I was trying to lay out a drunkard's path and had decided I was just going to do circles making it look very modern. Um...it looked very plain!! Skyler jumped right in and with Taylor's help, we came up with this design. This was a Marti & Me project.

The lighting was not good that day so the picture doesn't show it off much. Can't wait to quilt it and finish it off.