Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bonnie Hunter

Earlier this month Bonnie Hunter spoke at the Garland Quilt Guild after she taught classes at Fabric Fanatics. She is an awesome speaker with lots of energy and wit. She had such wonderful tips to share and really made me realize how spoiled we are with our stashes. There is so much we can use and we don't utilize our scraps enough.

A couple of the girls in one of my small sewing groups took her classes and here is what Sarah completed. Isn't it fun?

Here is Bonnie's version. The venue was not that great...seating was tight and lighting was dark so the pictures are poor quality but you can see them on her website which is Quiltville.com.

Here are a few more of her lovely quilts.

Bonnie was such a huge success that I heard she is coming back next year to our same area. You can check with Fabric Fanatics about classes and there is a possibility she will be visiting other quilt stores in the area. Yeah!! Can't wait to here her speak again!!

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