Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mountain View, Arkansas

We spent a week in Mountain View, Arkansas where they have done a great job of keeping things from the past. Each evening people show up at the town square to play music. Most of it is not planned as some of the people are just traveling through. It is really interesting to see these musicians and get to know them a bit.


This link will give you an idea of how big the Allen Band is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zNuqFFLwAw


Each year our high school band marches 10 miles through the city to earn money for their trips. The Escadrille consists of the tallenettes, color guard and band members totaling around 680 kids. My daughter plays marimba which is not a marching instrument so she got to carry the banner. They even marched through Tom Thumb and Lowes.

I am looking at my pictures from summer and thought I would post a few. We had a tremendous summer and are slowly getting into a schedule for the school year. This could not have been a better sign for my three girls. Although, they are different in so many ways, gardening is something they have in common. They all love to plant flowers and enjoy the rewards.