Monday, July 18, 2011

The Farmer's Wife

Just before I left on vacation I started my adventure into The Farmer's Wife quilt. I have had the book for quite some time and knew someday I wanted to make this quilt. Lucky for me, it has become the latest rage and now I have lots of friends joining in on the adventure. The book has some great letters from the 20's of women who commented on whether they would want their daughter to marry a farmer. It is quite fascinating to read. The book does not give you exact instructions for the blocks but there are several groups out there helping with directions.
Here is a picture of the finished quilt. There are 111 blocks in the book and some quilters have chosen to do a smaller version. I am not making any decisions at this point as to the size of my finished quilt.
We saw lots of farms on our trip through Michigan and Canada. I couldn't help but think about the lives of the women who live on the farms.

I have chosen to use the Marti Michell templates to do my piecing of the blocks. Yet, another thing I have been wanting to do, perfecting my piecing. I am happy with what I do because I am not a perfectionist but I never want to give anything away because I don't like people to see my corners not matched up. This was a perfect plan...The Farmer's Wife and Marti Michell templates. I am happy with the first blocks that I did but feel even more confident that the next ones will be better.

One great thing about this quilt...it is all coming from my stash!! The Marti Michell templates do cost money but are worth their price because you get perfect piecing every time. I have another blog post to write proving the worth of these templates. They are saving me from pulling out my hair right now on a swap I have committed to participate in. I love gadgets that make my life easier!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Market Review at The Quilt Asylum

Market Review at The Quilt Asylum happens two times a year just 6 weeks after the quilt market. It is like Christmas...waiting to see the new trends and up and coming designers. These gals work so hard to get quilts and other items finished for us to see. It is such a fun time and there are always wonderful treats. Hope you enjoy the few pictures I have to share.

Modern Quilt Relish

Solids!!...or flats, if you prefer.

This & That - Winter Bliss

Modern Quilt Relish

Swoon - Camille Roskelley

Atkinson Designs - Texas Two Step

More solids!!!