Saturday, July 2, 2011

Market Review at The Quilt Asylum

Market Review at The Quilt Asylum happens two times a year just 6 weeks after the quilt market. It is like Christmas...waiting to see the new trends and up and coming designers. These gals work so hard to get quilts and other items finished for us to see. It is such a fun time and there are always wonderful treats. Hope you enjoy the few pictures I have to share.

Modern Quilt Relish

Solids!!...or flats, if you prefer.

This & That - Winter Bliss

Modern Quilt Relish

Swoon - Camille Roskelley

Atkinson Designs - Texas Two Step

More solids!!!


Ellyn said...

thanks! I almost feel like I was there now. LOL I better not miss the next one

Melissa said...

Great eye candy! My sister is here for the weekend and I steered her to the Quilt Asylum yesterday, she loved it!