Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chubby Chicks!

I love Pinterest! Our church preschool asked me to make something for their annual auction. I decided I would just pull something off my shelf that I had sewn but had not decided what to do with yet. As my daughter and I were killing time, I was viewing Pinterest on my phone when I saw a pin of the quilt Chubby Chicks. I showed it to her and she decided that I needed to make that one for the auction.

This was on a Wednesday and the auction items were due the next Wednesday. I remembered seeing the pattern at the LQS and so I called to have them hold it for me. I cut out the pieces on Thursday and started sewing on Friday. By Sunday evening it was finished and my quilter agreed to quilt it on Monday. So I turned it over to the quilter Monday morning and it was done by Monday afternoon. As always, she did a beautiful job quilting it and picking just the right color of thread.

The pattern is Chubby Chicks by Black Mountain Quilts. I did not do the pieced border because of time but I have another one partially cut out and will probably make the full design. It was such a fun little quilt to make and the preschool was very excited about the money it brought in.


Ellyn said...

this quilt still makes me smile!

Melissa said...

Wow, that was a quick project from start to finish. It's really cute & so neat that you donated it.

Юля Жук said...

My granny used to sing me a song about this chicks. They were of different colors, spotted and kind.
Thank you for making me remember it today :)

Ali said...

I love it