Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teenage Drivers!!

I was glad that Kelleigh was still in town this past weekend and was able to go to The Plano Quilt Show with me. She heads back to college this week and we still did not get to quilt together this summer. We talked about some designs and she showed me some things she did in EQ7 but nothing got started. We love a lot of the same things and had big plans but there is always next break.

The show had a few long arm quilting machines set up to play with and jokingly we told Kelleigh to drive and we were so impressed with what she did. Her first attempt she wrote her name backwards starting with the "h" at the far right. Then the sales lady said that was impressive but if she could write her name like it would look in a mirror then she would be really impressed. She did and the clerk said that was the first time anyone had done that.

That was fun and we went on until another salesman invited us to play. We again told Kelleigh to take the handles and she surprised us with this...a beautiful flower and leaf.

It began to be funny that she had only touched a long arm twice and came up with some decent results. Well, the last machine is the one she liked best. It took us a little bit to figure out what she was designing but then the light bulb went off and I wish I had a picture of the sales clerk's mouth. He was speechless and his jaw was hanging open. He couldn't believe she had only had three minutes experience.
I guess when you are a true artist, you can do anything. We haven't convinced her dad that she needs this $10,000 machine but it was fun and she can't wait to play again.


Ellyn said...

Umm yes she needs this machine so I can pay her to put those lovely designs on my quilts! So sad I missed the show this year

jo7 said...

That is awesome! I don't know if there is anything artistic that she can't do!

Melissa said...

Wow, that's great work for no experience!!!