Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roses of Rembrance

A year and a half ago I took an applique class. I had taken one before but it was a total fail and I was convinced I would never be able to hand applique. My patience was shot after that class and, of course, my budget was too because of all the supplies they insisted you needed. Well, I was talked into taking from a different instructor and it proved to be a success. Not only did I find some new friends but I found a technique that I fell in love with.

We worked on Jacobean Christmas last year by Pat Campbell and this year we voted to stick together and do another project. We chose the Roses of Remembrance by Sharon Pederson.

We met in January for our first block and to iron out some details. We actually started on Block 2 because Block 1 is very difficult. We didn't want to get scared off by the difficulty of the first block. Here are a few pictures from the first meeting.

Not everyone finishes their blocks by the next month but we do love it when someone does and brings show and tell.

We are using what is termed the "Back Baste Method of Applique" which is really a very easy technique and can be done by anyone. It is very portable too!

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angie said...

I always enjoy your handiwork at our small group meeting. You could never tell that you once "failed" a class..maybe there is hope for me yet but don't tell Harriet. :)