Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pin Cushion Swap

The Quilt Asylum hosted a pin cushion swap in early February. I had no idea what to expect but let me tell you I was overwhelmed by the creativity of the participants. The pin cushions were so amazing!!

This is the one I made using a Vanilla House pattern. I just wasn't up to designing my own but I did have fun incorporating my favorite colors of gray and lime green.

I loved the bee hive! The neatest thing was that the recipient's daughter has always loved bees so it meant way more to her than just a pin cushion.

This little mouse served another purpose too. The way the tail holds the thread for you is just so nifty.

Could there be anything more appropriate for Texas???? This armadillo was just precious and the girl made the pattern up!! She should be designing and writing patterns for pin cushions.

Here are just a few more favorites. Not all my pictures turned out so I am not going to post everyone of them.

Our next swap is a pillow cover...can't wait to see the finished items!!


Melissa said...

Such cute pin cushion! Joellen, the one you made is gorgeous, I really like those colors together.

Paula said...

These are some really cute pin cushions. I tried to make a hexie pin cushion this weekend, but my cutting a angels were off, so it did not turn out as cute as I had planned, but of course i'm determined to make one, and make it right.

angie said...

Cute cute! I am going to try the pillow swap...not as 3d as the pin cushion@