Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pink and Brown Swap

Bonnie at The Quilt Asylum has started a block swap. Her first one was to choose a 6" block and make it using pinks and browns. The number you made depended on how many people were in the swap. They ended up making over 100 but in the end it was worth it. I did not participate in the swap but I went to the revealing because I wanted to hear about the next swap. Oh my!!!... these quilts were beautiful!!! It was so fun to hear how each of them came up with their final designs. I will just post pictures for you to enjoy. I did sign up for the next one and it is a 9" churn dash using black as the background and solids for the design giving it an Amish feel.

Looking forward to the revealing of the next swap.

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Ellyn said...

I love how different they all are, even though they are made from the same blocks! very cool